Credo® SC Insecticide

Credo is a premise spray for the control of darkling beetles (lesser mealworms) in poultry facilities. It can be applied as a broadcast, band, spot, or crack and crevice treatment.

  • Active ingredient: imidacloprid (group 4 insecticide)
  • Controls darkling beetle adults and larvae in poultry facilities
  • Suspension concentrate formulated with an effective insecticide
  • Easy to mix (liquid-based)
  • Can be rotated with Tempo® and Debantic® as part of an IPM program
  • Cost effective, one bottle can treat more than 500 m2 (6,000 ft2)
  • Format: 500 mL

Darkling beetles are one of the most common pests found in poultry production systems. They can infest facilities, transmit diseases to birds and cause bird irritation and structural damage, which can result in significant economic losses. Darkling beetles (lesser mealworms) are known vectors of diseases that birds are susceptible to, including coccidiosis, avian influenza, E.coli and salmonella1.


The conditions (food availability, temperature and shelter) inside poultry barns are a great environment for beetle development. Female beetles can lay more than 2,000 eggs over their lifetime, so populations can escalate quickly. A good beetle program can avoid heavy beetle populations and save a poultry producer $2,000-$4,000 per 100,000 birds2.

Darkling beetles tend to hide under feeders, around equipment, in cracks and crevices, in insulation and in the soil under the surface of the litter. Controlling moisture conditions, cleaning out the litter and minimizing spilled feed and water can help lower darkling beetle infestations, but pesticide application should also be considered. Most insecticides for darkling beetle control are applied between flocks, after cleaning and disinfection is complete (e.g. Credo and Tempo) but some can be applied with birds present (Debantic).

How to Apply*

Mix 90 mL in 2 – 7.5 L of water per 100m2. Use sufficient water to obtain a mixture that will provide effective coverage of surfaces but not require excessive drying time.

Apply after clean out and before new birds are introduced to the house. Treat all areas where beetles are located, such as under feed/water lines, the lower section of walls, support beams and in cracks and crevices. The level of infestation will determine whether using a band application or treating the whole poultry house is required.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

When resistance is possible, rotation is critical. Pests can develop reduced susceptibility to an active ingredient over time. To help prevent this, consider rotating to a product from a different chemical class (e.g. rotate Credo® SC with Debantic® and Tempo® for darkling beetle control).

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* Read and follow the complete instructions on the product label.

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