Checkmite+® Beehive Pest Control Strip

Checkmite+ is a miticide for control of varroa mites and small hive beetle (SHB) in honey bee colonies. The active ingredient - coumaphos, a group 1B Insecticide - is slowly released and dispersed throughout the colony by the bees, which come in contact with the impregnated strips located in the brood chambers as part of their social behaviour.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Remove honey supers before application of Checkmite+ strips
  • Treat all infested colonies within the yard
  • Do not re-use strips or leave them in the hive for longer than 45 days
  • Do not treat the same colony with coumaphos more than twice a year
  • Rotate with different chemical groups that control the same pests
  • Honey super cannot be installed until 14 days after strip removal
  • Format: 10 strips per packet

How to apply*

For Varroa treatment, use 1 strip for each five combs of bees in each brood chamber and leave the strips in the hive for 42-45 days. Many beekeepers treat in the spring before the nectar-collecting period and the fall in preparation for wintering.


For small hive beetle, attach 1 strip to the corrugated side of a 4''x9'' piece of cardboard and leave the strips in the hive for 42-45 days.

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* Read and follow the complete instructions on the product label.