Cylence(R)CyLence® works fast.

Features and Benefits of CyLence® Fly and Lice Control

Features of CyLence® Benefit to the Producer
Active ingredient: Cyfluthrin (4th generation pyrethroid) provides 10 times the potency and extended residual activity vs. 3rd generation products Immediate fly knockdown and extended residual activity of 3 to 7 weeks1,2 for horn flies and sucking or chewing lice
Convenient low volume application dose Easy to apply, cost effective and reduced chance of product dripping off post-application as well as less solvent vapour for livestock handlers
ZERO milk withdrawal time Can be used on lactating dairy cattle
1 day slaughter withdrawal time Can be used in cattle near market age
Knockout fly solution that can be teamed with Tempo® Provides initial fly knockdown

Why CyLence® is a Great Choice for Late Season Lice Breaks


  • Active against both chewing and sucking lice
  • Fast knockdown and contact kill
  • Field studies in US show 95% or better control of sucking lice at 7 weeks post-application and chewing lice control out to 8 weeks post-application1

Convenient and cost effective

  • No systemic absorption means zero milk withdrawal and only 1 day meat withdrawal
  • Ready to use (no mixing or dilution)
  • Easy to apply low volume application
  • Safe and effective any time of year
  • Safe for all ages of cattle

How to Apply

CyLence® Pour-On Insecticide is a ready-to-use solution. Apply the required amount of solution from a graduated syringe, cylinder or standard sized dipper directly along the top of the back and top of the head of the animal.

The dose applied depends on the weight of each animal. The following table shows the correct amount to apply. Note: Due to the small amount of material required, care must be taken to apply the correct dose.


Animal Weight (kg) Dosage (mL) Animals Treated
500 mL size
Animals Treated
3L size
45-90 2 250 1500
91-180 4 125 750
181-270 6 83 500
271-360 8 62 375
361-450 10 50 300
451+ 12 41 250
  • Treatment for flies can be repeated as needed to a maximum of 3 applications per year, but not more than once every 3 weeks.
  • For optimal lice control, an initial application followed by a second treatment 3 weeks later is recommended.
    • Biting lice (Mallophaga) will usually be eliminated within one week after the first treatment.
    • Sucking lice (Anoplura) may persist on a few animals after the second treatment.
  • Leave a minimum interval of 3 weeks between applications for fly control and louse control.

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2. White, W.H., Hutchens, D.E., Jones, C., Firkins, L.D., Paul, A.J., Smith, L.L., Snyder, D.E. 2007. Therapeutic and persistent efficacy of spinosad applied as a pour-on or a topical spray against natural infestations of chewing and sucking lice on cattle. Veterinary Parasitology 143: 329-336.