Zelnate™Zelnate™ DNA Immunostimulant is a new chapter in Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) management

Zelnate™ Benefits:

  • Innovative BRD treatment that stimulates rapid immune response
  • Contains no antibiotics or preservatives
  • Part of your on-arrival protocol (can be given with antibiotics or vaccines)
  • Can be used at time of first-pull to boost sick cattle’s immune response and aid in recovery
  • No injection site issues were observed during field safety studies

Industry Experts Talk Adjunctive BRD Therapy

Dr. Bob Larson (Kansas State University) and Dr. Calvin Booker (Feedlot Health Management Services) present the latest research on reducing BRD mortality and the results of a Zelnate study conducted at three commercial feedlots in Alberta, Canada.


Zelnate™ Technical Sheet

Mixing Process Video