Victrio DNA Immunostimulant

Discover the power of innate immunity with Victrio® the first and only product approved for in ovo administration in 18-day-old embryonated eggs as an aid in the reduction of mortality associated with E. coli in embryonated eggs and newborn chicks.

  • Stimulates the innate immune system in poultry via a unique DNA liposome carrier
  • The innate immue system provides a potent, rapid, nonspecific, protective response to infectious agents
  • Significantly reduces post-hatch mortality under E. coli challenge
  • For in ovo administration, this product may be combined with Merial Inc. MAREK’S DISEASE VACCINE (HVT + SB1)
  • Supports antibiotic-free hatcheries and does not contain antibiotics or preservatives
  • Supplied in vials of 4,000 and 16,000 doses

For veterinary use only. Do not administer within 21 days of slaughter.
Victrio is based on technology developed by Juvaris BioTherapeutics and is patent protected.

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